Medical Explainer Videos

The old adage goes: if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. So knowing who to trust with your own health and wellbeing is extremely important. On top of this, medical and health organisations have the additional pressure of conveying incredibly complicated information clearly and simply. With medical explainer vidoes, there can be no room for misunderstanding.

Our medical explainer video approach

Whether speaking to medical professionals or the general public, we have to ensure clarity. This can take the form of simplicity of language, avoiding jargon where possible. It can be present in the voiceover, to instil confidence and calming reassurance. And it’s in the steady pacing that allows the viewer to process all the information and concepts. In short, your medical explainer video needs to generate trust.

Qwell - Medical explainer video case study

Mental health is still wrapped in stigma. Meaning some of the most vulnerable, can be the most difficult to reach. Especially if the assumption is there’s only one type of traditional mental health service.

To get through to this audience, for Qwell’s medical explainer video we took a tree. And using weather as an analogy for emotion, we demonstrated how this can affect us. We then branched out from here to illustrate how Qwel’s service is different to other metal health providers.

AMR - Medical explainer video case study

In matters of health, we look to positions of authority for guidance. Trust the experts, right? As such, the language they use is extremely important. So how do you educate people about the benefits of saying things with positive framing?

For AMR’s medical explainer, we chose to let the evidence do the heavy lifting. By taking actual examples of how AMR’s research could be applied, and creating mock-ups of social posts and other comms, we were able to illustrate the positive impact felt by a character interacting with these posts.

N&N - Medical explainer video case study

Oesophagectomy. You may not know what one is but from the amount of syllables alone, it’s daunting. And what the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital needed was a medical explaienr video that could calmly explain this operation to those who were about to undergo it.

With the use of 3D animation, we were able to clearly and simply demonstrate what to expect. More than that, by visually stripping back the detail, the whole process is easier to digest. And this reduction of cognitive load, makes the operation feel simpler. Putting the viewer at ease.

SQN Clinical - Medical explainer video case study

Clinical trials are the backbone of medical progress. But antiquated systems and patient withdrawal has led to a drop-off in the data gathered. And SQN wanted a medical technology explainer video to highlight how their app changes this trend.

Engagement was our core focus here. Not just patient engagement with clinical trials, but audience engagement. That’s why we used SQN’s mascot as an identifiable narrative guide. Explaining the challenges faced by those running trials, and how easily the app can resolve them.

What's the medical video creation process?

Our medical explainer video process is about finding the balance between creative solutions and client contributions. That way we can understand what you need and help you realise it. This synergy starts with an in-depth Discovery session and continues through every step of the process, all the way to the finishing touches.

How long does it take to create a medical explainer video?

It’s a 6-10 week process, on average. With sign-off at every stage, allowing us to explain our thinking and you to feedback where and when necessary. All to ensure the explainer video we create, performs as you need it to.

How long should my medical explainer video be?

Usually no more than 2 minutes – which is around 200 words. So we have to be sure every word counts, every visual has an impact. That way we get the message across in the best way possible.

How many amends are allowed as part of your production process?

Unlike other companies, we don’t limit amends. That way, you get a video which is right for you. And we know we can move onto the next stage, confident everything up until that point is correct.

How much does medical video production cost?

Every video is different. And budget is often dictated by the resources required. 2D, 3D, figures, abstract visuals, everything is considered and affects the cost. We recommend sending us examples of what you like. Which allows us to advise accordingly.

What's it like working with Curveball?

It’s an exciting experience. Tapping into your levels of expertise and injecting our own creative flare, produces some of the most amazing and sometimes surprising results.

What makes the Curveball team different?

We don’t rush the process. We take our time to ensure the job is done to our high standards. Whether that’s the words in the script or how the sound compliments the music – every facet is important to us.

On what channels can I use my medical explainer video?

Medical explainers can be used internally or public-facing. But if you want to repurpose a section of your video, we can adapt your explainer into Social Hooks: short, looping animations that stand out on social media.

Who owns the rights to my medical explainer video?

You do. All the files, assets, they’re all yours to do with as you please. And we find clients often do – repurposing our illustrations in other marketing campaigns.

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