SaaS Explainer Videos

Offering sophisticated software is a tech company’s bread and butter. But demonstrating this clearly and concisely presents a challenge. All those rich features and benefits have to be distilled down. Simplified to make all the intricacies, concepts and advantages meaningful.

Our SaaS explainer video approach

For your SaaS explainer video, we need to uncover what resonates with your audience emotionally, stirring interest to explore further. We’re not producing a complete user manual, we’re instilling confirmation that what
you offer feels like the right fit.

IRIS Snap - SaaS explainer video case study

Who you’re talking to matters. What will relate to them? How much information do they need? And what’s a clear-cut way to deliver this?

For IRIS’s SaaS explainer video, we related to accounts by recognising their pain – the types of clients who they’re often chasing for receipts and how IRIS Snap easily solves this.

Cubiks hire - SaaS explainer video case study

HR is all about people. So when Cubiks wanted to demonstrate their software, it was important to show.. well.. people.

For this SaaS explainer video we wanted to show earnestness. Audiences are smart, so the people on-screen needed to feel genuine and sincere. And to elevate this, we married the video content with engaging animation – demonstrating the detail of how the software works.

SEND - SaaS explainer video case study

The art of simplification – it’s one of tech’s greatest gifts. The ability to make the boring and mundane, straightforward and easy. Allowing you to get on with the work you love.

For SEND’s SaaS explainer video, we used the beauty of abstract shapes and concepts. Because by stepping outside of our expectations, we can create anything – like using shapes to convey feelings of confusion and the path to clarity.

Littlepay - SaaS trade show video case study

When you’re at an event, it’s all too easy to get distracted. Stalls, screens, exhibitors. It can be a lot. So how do you grab attention and draw audiences in?

By using headlines, it doesn’t matter when the viewer starts watching. For Littlepay’s tech explainer video, we ascertained the key messages, utilised imagery that isn’t reliant on sound, and dropped the linear narrative structure. Clear, striking, effective.

What's the explainer video production process?

Our SaaS explainer video process has honed the balance between client input and creative ingenuity. We listen to what you need and explore the best way to get there. It all starts with an in-depth Discovery session – from here, we guide you through the creative steps from script to sound.

How long does it take to create a SaaS explainer video?

Typically around 6-10 weeks – from our initial Discovery to final sign-off. At every stage, we’ll talk you through our thinking and ask for sign-off. This ensures we have the time to make your video is as strong as it can be.

How long should my tech explainer video be?

It’s crucial we keep your tech explainer under 2 minutes – that’s a 200-word script. This way, we leave your viewer excited and with a desire to find out more, not bamboozled by all the detail.

How many amends do I get?

We don’t limit the number of amends. It’s important we get it right and that’s a two way process between us. We’ll ask for your feedback at every stage and talk you through our thinking.

How much does a SaaS explainer video cost?

It all comes down to expectations. 3D costs more than 2D, something conceptual costs more than something basic, characters cost more than iconography. The best approach is to send us examples you love and we’ll let you know what to budget.

What's it like working together?

Your SaaS explainer video is a collaboration. You know your industry and we know ours. So we work closely together to combine our expertise. You’ll always know what to expect and when. And dare we say it’s a very enoyable process.

What makes the Curveball team different?

Everything is considered, nothing is rushed – from script to sound, we’re interested in what will engage your audience and the best way to get your message across. We’re a tailor, not a factory.

In what channels can I use my tech explainer video?

Tech explainer videos are conversion tools. That means the best place for them is on your product page. For social, we’ll create adapted media called Social Hooks. These are short, looping animations that grab attention and help to drive traffic.

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