Inspiring Curveball in June: Jack is on the trail of some black lines.

Inspiring Lines: SiriusXM “The Beatles Channel (Director’s Cut)”

A inspiring example of “Less is more”, this short bit for SiriusXM takes the real simple concept of a black line and knocks it out of the park. It’s a great tribute to The Beatles; taking you on a journey of some of their top tunes. I might be over analysing it, but I think the black line looks like it could be some sort of audio cable for a microphone or electric guitar, which is a nice touch.

Creative Director: Chris Dooley  

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Art Director/Designer: Andres Rivera

Designers: Jeff Welk, Tom Buch

Animators: Olle Engstrom, Sean Lattrell

Head of Production: Julie Shevach

Without inspiration, not a lot of creative work would ever be done and, even if it was finished, it wouldn’t be any good. Here at Curveball, we’ve got a whole library of curated work to dip into when our minds run dry. We’ll look at everything from colour themes to sound design,  and every conceivable thing around that. We make it a point to have a think about the target audience and what it does for them. It all helps us move ahead.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some bits each month that have really caught our eye. Look out for a few star examples each month, with everything from explainer videos to short films, and everything in between.

— Curveball Jack

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