Inspiring Curveball in May: A film on motion design.

Inspiring Motion Motion Festival film

Inspiring pieces like this are becoming a bit trendy with the days of festival posters, cluttered with names gradually decreasing in size, long done. What these do is really show off the personality and feeling of the festival, and that’s exactly what this does for the Motion Motion festival; a festival about (you guessed it) Motion design. The piece has taken some inspiration from the After Effects timeline (for those not in the know After Effects is the programme of choice for many animation studios) and applied it in a clever and visually stimulating way. The sound design really pulls it together nicely, with effects and music seamlessly blending into each other.

Motion : Sébastien Girard, Benjamin Tessier & Mathieu Le Berre
Sound : DEWEE

Without inspiration, not a lot of creative work would ever be done and, even if it was finished, it wouldn’t be any good. If Lisa del Giocondo had looked shrivelled and old, the Mona Lisa painting would’ve gone in some renaissance rubbish bin. Star Wars probably wouldn’t have been half as exciting if a young George Lucas hadn’t watched Akira Kurosawa films, or even those old naff Flash Gordon serials.

Here at Curveball, we’re exactly the same. We’ve got a whole library of curated work to dip into when our minds run dry. We’ll look at everything from colour themes to sound design,  and every conceivable thing around that. We’ll make it a point to have a think about the target audience and what it does for them. It all helps us move ahead.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some bits this month that have really caught our eye. We’ll be posting a few stars throughout the month, with everything from explainer videos, short films and everything in between.

— Jack

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