Data Animated Explainer for ITRS

ITRS asked us to produce a data animated explainer which captured the essence of their platform, without using specific examples. We used a metaphorical approach to the project to convey the concept.

ITRS Data Animated Explainer Script

More data has been produced in the last two years than the world
has ever seen.

As our ability to harness it increases, it becomes all the more
powerful – the key to more informed decisions, especially in
industries like Financial Services.

But the challenge has been trying to keep up with the vast amounts
of information available, millisecond by millisecond.

If data streams could be analysed in real time, from unlimited
sources, businesses would have access to invaluable insights.

Insights we can ask questions of, even as events unfold…

Real-time data that can be compared to historical data, to give a
complete picture.

We could use Machine Learning to spot patterns and anomalies,

On a platform that’s secure, with data encrypted and immutable.
Reliable data that’s always accessible, day and night. Beautifully
organised with visualisations that can be easily shared.

ITRS Insights makes all this possible.

True, real-time analytics with a powerful engine under the hood.

How you use it, that’s up to you.

Contact us for a demo.

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