Charity Animation for IWF

IWF approached us to create a charity animation for their new platform. Child Pornograhy is a sensitive issue, so using animation can be a great way to present this type of message.


Charity Animation Script

No matter what country you are in, online child sexual abuse imagery, or child pornography, is a very real problem.

And the challenges that go with tackling it are far reaching.

Stopping access to child pornography doesn’t just stop at creating the right mechanisms for reporting, it requires the right people working together.

At the Internet Watch Foundation we bring together governments, law enforcement, the online industry and civil society, to do what’s needed to eliminate images of child sexual abuse from the internet.

We work with you to create a customised IWF portal for your country, where anyone can report child pornography.

Confidential reports are then sent to a team of highly trained analysts who will assess the images and videos.

Through a collaboration with international law enforcement partners, we ensure the content is located and removed.

And all this is done without the high costs of setting up individual systems.

The IWF portal is trusted by a whole host of organisations, including the technology agencies of the UN and Commonwealth.

Be part of the IWF family – the most successful hotline in the world at removing online child pornography. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For more information, visit IWF

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