64% of digital marketers aren’t convinced they are hitting the right target. Maybe because they grasp something fundamental: No one wants to be hit?

According to Campaign last month, only 36% of digital marketers are convinced their campaigns are hitting the right targets. Now, it’s natural to think those 36% must know something the others don’t. Surely the solution must be for the 64% to study the 36%, so they too can feel convinced. Sound logical?

But how can you be sure the 36%’s conviction has any real substance? How many of them are equally convinced that they are infallible. And how many others simply never question the status quo (merrily blinkered)?


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So, if you aren’t convinced, maybe the better question to ask is “Where in the process are you least convinced?”

Here’s a great quote from Peter Drucker, author of Managing Oneself:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service sells itself.”

Kelly Pepworth from Speed Communications says in her article “How to find the marketing gold in your business”:

Forget channel tactics, budget efficiency, and sales integration – all important but easily sorted – it’s your customer knowledge and ability to offer an opinion that only you can create and own that will add real value to them and ultimately your business.

Speaking from the agency side, while other agencies are chasing after some elusive viral video, we’ve seen how early-onset targeting – addressing actual customers’ problems in a video – improves results and plays better to the bottom line. We like being in the room with clients – hearing polarising opinions – because that’s how you get to the meat of the matter. Otherwise, it’s mostly wishful thinking.

We’re not saying that channel tactics aren’t important; only that we’ve identified a gap within targeting marketing. A shortfall. A mistep. Call it what you will.

I don’t expect to convince you here. How would that be helping? But maybe there is a way to convince yourselves.

PS Thank you Patrick Furse at Bray Leino for drawing my attention to Kelly’s article.

Curveball Nicola

Nicola worked in digital marketing in-house for big-name publishing companies for 20 years (Amazon, Bloomsbury, BCA). She came to work for Curveball Media, after becoming a convert to video, and advises clients on strategy and approach.

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