Media Agencies, business owners and well, anyone in marketing really – introducing Facebook’s Call to action button.

‘Call to action’ & ‘ROI’ are all too common marketing buzzwords – Media Agencies use them all the time. But when it comes to ‘social’, what does CTA actually mean?

After all, isn’t social marketing meant to be ‘light touch’? Not ‘buy now’ or worse ‘please buy now’ or worse still ‘please, please for the love of God buy now’.

Well luckily, those types of CTA are usually reserved for the rather pushy ‘miracle cures’ and the like.


Good CTAs can be much more subtly persuasive and now you can incorporate them into your Facebook business page too.


We should note (in case I have meandered far from the point), that Facebook’s new call to action feature sits at the top of your timeline, next to the like button.



For those of you who haven’t just skipped away from this blog to check if you have it and are now playing with it, here are the nuts and bolts.

The button allows you to create actions for ‘Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up, and Watch Video’.


As you can imagine, the last one caught our eye.


Now, before you start frantically searching out that video you had created months ago – there’s one important point to make. It doesn’t actually play the video within Facebook. In fact, if your video is hosted on YouTube, it will redirect your unsuspecting prospect to YouTube’s website, Vimeo or wherever you’ve set the external link to go.

Although this isn’t quite the ‘wow’ we were after when we set-up this feature, it is useful if you use it innovatively.

So, our ‘explainer video’ is on our homepage (which is where we want people to be anyway – not Facebook), and we’ve created a ‘video’ CTA with our homepage URL



Intrigued Facebooker clicks ‘Watch Video’ (let’s face it, video has one of the highest CTAs) and not only gets to experience your brand in all it’s richness through animation or film, but also is right where you want them to be – on your homepage, ready to take action.

If you want a more detailed, step by step guide of how to use the feature (rather than a slightly jovial ‘well this is nice’ blog), check out this post:

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