The roar-some benefits of having a giant statue at your exhibit

I recently caught up with Matt Tester, Client Solutions Director at TAKEOFF to chat about dragons, drakes and demons. Not for fun. For business. Because, well, why wouldn’t you? If you want your marketing message to make an impact, it first needs to attract attention. And what better way is there to do that than using a massive mythical beast? Nuff said. Read on.

Giant statues are a load of fun, aren’t they? They stick in the mind, too. Who could forget Now TV’s 23-foot-long statue of Jeff Goldblum (with his chest out in London’s Potters Fields) celebrating 25 years of Jurassic Park?

As funny as the statue is, it became a national talking point and is still being discussed today. It also ended up winning a number of advertising industry awards. Is there nothing the man can’t do?

On a more serious note, those are just some of the benefits and returns that a well-made, creative statue can bring to your brand at a launch, exhibition or experiential event (even now, with social distancing in place).

Giant statues are also incredibly popular at entertainment events, especially gaming-focused exhibits where there are a lot of potential fans to attract to your IP and wider brand. We know first-hand how successful they can be thanks to our Giant Drake statue.

Here’s why it worked so well…

Maximising Middle-earth’s reach with our Giant Drake

Appearing at Pax West 2017 was our Giant Drake; a real statement piece commissioned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to help promote their Lord of the Rings-inspired action RPG Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

PAX is a global gaming event (that mainly takes place across the US), with PAX West a key event in the video game expo calendar. It was the perfect place for Warner Bros. to show off Middle-earth: Shadow of War, to build excitement amongst gamers and fantasy fans alike.

It was, as you can imagine, an incredibly fun and exciting project to work on. With the space available to us, our team started from the initial sketch phase to create 3D CG models of the Drake, leading to clay models and other concepts before we built, painted and activated the beast.

The fire-breathing monstrosity was activated on-site by our team, and surrounded by a faux rock background, complete with ‘SHADOW OF WAR’ stone monument in front of it.

But, as we say, the benefit of a statue like this isn’t just to look nice. There are other returns that come with something of this scale, including:

Press attention – There’s a lot of competition for eyeballs and attention at large events, but something on the scale of our Giant Drake simply can’t be ignored. It was a magnet for industry press and general publications, which in turn equalled many positive column inches.

More footfall – In a similar vein, the Giant Drake helped attract more footfall to the Middle-earth booth, whether it was potential buyers of the game or bloggers, vloggers and influencers. Whoever came stuck around to try the game and learn more about developers Monolith Productions.

Engagement – Our Giant Drake wasn’t there to look nice. It was specially built so people could climb on top of it and ride it. That again led to positive interactions with potential players, amazing memories, photos of them having fun (with the game’s logo present), and more.

Social media conversations – Sharing pictures online also sparked massive interest and conversations amongst potential players who weren’t at Pax that year. Similarly, articles about the Giant Drake were shared far and wide online long after the event, keeping the conversation fresh.

IP exposure – The Giant Drake was there to complement the game, not overshadow it, and it more than fulfilled its task. Conversations and articles about it helped spread awareness of the game, and booth experts at Pax helped to introduce all footfall to the amazing world Monolith had created.

Giant statues are highly effective in the ‘new normal’

Giant statues also have their place in the ‘new normal’, and are still a hugely effective and exciting way to promote your IPs and wider brand.

We’ve recently written about the impact of Coronavirus on the trade show space, and the creative ways both event organisers and brands are adapting to provide deep, interactive content-led experiences to digital delegates and (socially-distanced) footfall.

Giant statues, for instance, can be taken on tour to ‘meet and greet’ your target demographic around the country. It’s a tactic ASUS used to great effect with their ROG Tour Truck – there’s no reason a statue can’t come on tour with you, too, as you seek out your audience.

The statue can be placed in different locations and situations to create stellar media content. The Goldblum statue is a great example of this; who could forget, too, when La Machine’s giant spider, La Princesse, was spotted terrorising Liverpool in 2008?

Similarly, any existing content and assets created with the statue pre-pandemic can be repurposed in exciting, interactive and engaging ways to draw attention on social media and other channels while we’re still finding our way back to normality.

There are so many creative ways a giant state can be used to advertise your IP and brand, no matter the situation, and a trusted, specialist creative agency will help your marketing make a monumental impact. 

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