Happy 5th Birthday Curveball Media



Half a decade ago many companies were caught in a corporate video loop. They knew that they needed a video but didn’t know why. Many video production companies were essentially keeping their clients happy by making these videos (but also not knowing why). It was a downwards spiral. Videos were being made but not being watched and this maligned the industry. 

Olly and I were both sick of it. We were making talking head films. You know the ones. A company director talks about their company whilst we show shots of someone answering the phone so that you can lip read them saying the company name. These films tended to go on for far too long because the client was spending so much money on the film that they wanted to get as many messages in there as possible. The short of this was – everyone was wasting their time.

We were both egotists. We wanted people to watch the films that we were making – but we also wanted gratification for the client. And so, after many discussions (ask anyone who’s worked with us – we are polar opposites and both very passionate), Curveball was created. The creed being that we wanted to make films that worked. 

It’s true, we, like countless other companies, started from a bedroom. If you wanted to get anything from Olly at 3pm, then you had to think again as this was when he took his afternoon nap. This then moved to a single desk in an office. Daniel worked from his garage and had to work around the school run. Then a second desk appeared with Martin attached to it. And so the Curveball Team grew.

We now adopt a 6 hour day (to avoid those 3pm Slumps) and our key value still holds true: the first question for us is not “do you have any examples of work you like?” or “do you want film or animation?” – the first question is “what do you want it to do?”

Curveball celebrates its fifth birthday today.

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