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One of a series of animated videos for Peepl. This animation concentrates on the benefits of Peepl reference.

website explainer video
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Peepl Reference HR App Website Explainer Video Script

So you’ve found the perfect candidate and you can’t wait
to give them the job. There is just one final step,
checking references.

That pesky part of the process that adds untold workload
to an already overworked company. After all, it’s the
reason your employing in the first place.

But if you think it’s a step you can skip, think again.
Unfortunately, many failings can be masked by a great
interview and the chances are you don’t know the candidate
from adam.

Peepl Reference makes checking references, beautifully simple.

You complete your bit, the candidate completes theirs and their
previous employer gets a beautifully simple multiple
choice questionnaire.

All designed to make sure your candidate is who they say
they are and without fear of reprisal.

Before you know it, you’ll get notified that the reference
is complete, be secure in the knowledge that you’ve
safeguarded your business and all for less than the
cost of a quick haircut.

And just like a hair cut, you pay as you go, only paying
for the references you request.

Peepl reference. Beautifully simple reference checking.

Another beautifully simple HR application by peepl.

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