Warning: viewer discretion advised.


The Curveball animation re-working of the classic Pulp Fiction. We have re-written this to make it more child friendly so that you have a new bedtime tale to tell.


 Pulp Fiction – for bedtimes:

Tuck into a blanket warmer than the bucket of popped corn you should be snacking on.

It’s time for the bed-time tale of “Pulp Fiction”.

Our Fiction begins with a honeybunny and a pumpkin..WRONG!

Better. Aren’t they a match made in cuddies!

While indulging in breakfast out, they realised they had no money to pay.

Pumpkin had the idea to ask the nice people to help their financial embarrassment.

But who will help them, children!??

Vincent and Jules worked for Mr Wallace (you’ll met him later)

the two of them were a regular dynamic duo of duties.

This particular job took them to see Brett- Hey! Check out the brains on Brett!

He had cheeseburgers, and they love cheeseburgers!

What a glorious night for Mia and Vincent- there’s dancing, jokes about tomatoes and Milkshakes of the highest value!

Looks like Mia’s had too much.. MILKSHAKE!? and er- developed rapid brainfreeze!!

Vincent, quick! Use that Gigantic monstrous needle!!

Ahhh. All better.

Elsewhile. Butch’s has to get his father butt-watch back

because frenchie here forgot it!

Hey- is that Vincent?

NOOOO Vincent!!

This is escalating quickly children! Butch and Mr Wallace are trapped by Zed and his.. “special friend”.

Butch is in real danger of being forced to play leap frog.. Butch hates leapfrog!!

Luckily we have some weapons!

Zed’s Dead!

Looks like Butch and Mr Wallace are now BBFFE’s- Best buds for fudging ever!

Woah, Jules and Vincent have made quite a mess with their milkshakes!

Thankfully Mr Wolf is here to help and teach us the moral of Pulp Fiction:

Wet hands aren’t clean hands.

And that concludes..

Oh- and remember these guys, they’re now cool like the Fonz because of our buddy.. I don’t know- Jules?


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