A rock-solid video brief covers all the angles and it makes the most of each platform. So we’ve created a collection of resources to help you get the most from your brief. Like creating bite-sized loops for social.


If you’re right at the start of the process and especially if it’s your first video project, then start with our FAQs. We cover everything from how long the process takes to who owns the rights to your explainer.

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Case studies

Every industry has its own unique challenges. Sometimes that’s explaining something inexplicably complex. Other times, it’s about winning hearts and minds.

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Choosing an approach

How you approach an explainer video is only constrained by imagination and budget. However, there is an art and science that when mastered, creates more engagement with your audience.

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We believe a great brief makes for a better explainer. So we created this guide. Everything you need to create a solid biref. Including approach, process and pricing.

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Nothing stays the same for long in our industry. Technologies are introduced, like Lottie Files. Or audience behaviours change, like TikTok. To help you stay ahead, we keep an eye on the changes for you.

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Creativity unleashed

We love our work (truly). We find the challenge of aligning stakeholders, interpreting brand guidelines and finding ways to resonate with audiences satisfying. But just having a play can lead to unexpected pay-offs.

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