Motion Brand Experiences

The days of static explanations are numbered. Generation Z are used to seeing motion in almost everything they experience – TikTok, Apps, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever else is just on the horizon.

It’s time to rethink how your brand engages your audience – on social and throughout your web experience. We help you design a strategy that uses motion to take your messages from simply explaining – to being experiential.

Bite-sized media creates social engagement.

Social Hooks

On social, most of us skip over posts unless they grab our attention. This goes for brand messages and adverts too.

Social Hooks, on the other hand, are short, silent, looping animations that create more engagement across your social channels. Their goal is to drive traffic to your landing page, where your explainer video then creates more conversions.

Bite-sized media from your existing explainer.

Social cuts from your explainer

Explainer videos and especially animated explainers are perfectly geared for Social Hooks. We choose the most compelling sections of your explainer video and produce them into short, seamless loops.

For Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok advertising, we can create a series of Social Hooks, giving you insight into what your audience engage with most.

Tailored media for each platform.

Aspect ratio matters

Every platform has a technical spec for aspect ratio, but aspect ratio also plays a role in engagement.

For example, square videos get 35% more views on Facebook and outperform landscape videos in likes and engagement.

Motion adds to explanations and your web visitors’ experience.

Web motion experiences

Motion adds value to your visitor’s web experience too, explaining where static imagery struggles and helping to draw the eye to what’s most important.

Here’s how an Umbrella can achieve 200% Average Time on Page by 200%.

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