SEO – what does the future hold?

The internet is continuously evolving, so we asked a few experts how to stay ahead of the SEO game in 2013. Here is what they had to say.

Duncan Johnson has learned a few things about SEO (to put it mildly). So much so that Yodelay are launching their own SEO iPhone app. Their app allows you to track the promotional activities that are proving to be most effective for increasing your visibility in the search engines and social networks.

“For local businesses I would make them aware that Google continues to get more local and more personal. I’d say local businesses need to take note because Google has 90% share of the entire search market in Europe. Therefore Google+ Local will grow rapidly especially the use of Google+ Business Pages.  

Getting customers to review your business and promoting testimonials through Google+ is a no-brainer. Customer reviews can often appear in the SERP’s (Search Results Pages/Positions) with gorgeous little golden stars next to your listing.  This makes your listings stand out and has the huge benefit of providing social proof to your target audience.  You dont even need to be number 1 and there’s a good chance people are likely to click on your link first.” Duncan JohnsonYodelay, Digital Marketing Consultancy



Paul Harrison has a history in visual effects, photography and editing images that dates back to the beginning of this century (check him out on the IMDB). Here he is talking about how businesses can capitalise on using photography.

“Over the last year or so we saw the arrival of author profile photos in Google and although this benefitted a lot of authors, some found that their traffic either didn’t change or it dropped. There is a direct correlation between your CTR and your author photo. Make sure that your photograph represents you and your brand in a professional light. In today’s era your profile picture (on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc etc) is often the first thing that potential clients see.” Paul HarrisonPaul Harrison Photography


Which article would you click on ?

Which article would you click on ?


Jenny Pacey, retired Olympic athlete turned TV presenter and Uk’s leading Fitness Celebrity (you may also recognise Jenny from Sky 1’s Gladiators as she is Enigma), gives her take on social media.

“Utilize your social media. Be interesting, opinionated and exciting. Show your personality and inspire people’s attention. Also remember a picture speaks a thousand words! In today’s fast paced, short-of-time society, get your message across instantly through your choice of imagery in blogs, on Facebook and on Twitter.” Jenny PaceyPace and Go


Use engaging photographs

Use engaging photographs


And here are a couple from us at Curveball Media. We’ll save you the introduction to ourselves but if you want to see a couple of mug shots check out: Our Mug Shots.

“It’s all about channels in 2013, treat your channel like your own TV station and create engaging content that people will want to return to each week. With the new ‘Associated Website Annotation’ your video has suddenly become a direct link to your website and if you’re creating regular content that people are not only sharing but embedding on their own sites then you’re effectively opening up a huge gateway for traffic to get to your website.” Curveball Daniel


Use the right tools


“Decide what you want from your video and choose your style of video carefully. There are three types of video you can create. An Ad Clip is designed to hook your viewer and direct them to your website. An Info Clip is designed for a viewer that has already shown an interest in your site and is, effectively, a captive audience. A news clip is designed to reward the viewer by giving them some nugget of information that they can share with others.” Curveball Olly

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