Stop Motion Animation: Jack wants to play with wood this week.

Behind the scenes at Curveball, Slack fills to the brim with top-quality animation videos on an hourly basis, with the team sharing what’s inspiring them. Absorbed by the next animation they’re working on, they don’t always have time to post. Most days, we’re all plugged into Spotify, headphones firmly clamped to our ears, as we busily work away on a project, mastering ‘flow’. Jack is a Master. He’s also really good at finding great stuff to do with animation. So whenever we need something fresh for the blog, I have a trick up my sleeve. Making the ‘T’ sign for drinks with my fingers is usually a sure-fire way to persuade Jack to pull his headphones a full inch away from his ears, and that’s when I pounce: One cup of Lapsang for one post on the best stop motion animation of the week. So, while the kettle boils, here’s what caught Jack’s eye.

wood inspired animation

 Woodswimmer A music video made entirely from wood for a song by

Stop Motion with Wood

I urge you all to play this in HD on the biggest screen you can, with the sound way up, if you’re on a phone, don’t you dare click! This stop-motion piece from director Brett Foxwell uses wood to create a hypnotic visual beauty.

Shaving thin layers down branches, we see the knots and grain seemingly flow like water; creating a stunning effect. It reminds me of that great cabbage shot in the old Lurpak advert I must think about at least once a month.

stop motion lurpak cabbage

Anyway, it just goes to show that stop-motion animation doesn’t have to be all digital pixels and repetitive drawing. You can use just about anything to create something captivating.

Director : Brett Foxwell

Edit & Music : Conor Grebel

Typography: Rowan Ogden

Curveball Jack

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