And how SMEs can be reaping the benefits of Tech’s forays into video.

Take these two guys. Five years ago, they get talking in a student union bar about how one is strapped for cash and needs to get back to Lincoln for the holidays. Turns out the other guy lives a mile away, and is happy to give him a ride. But where the story becomes tech legend is when they talk about how they can’t be alone in this, and how many others must be in the same boat. What if…they posted something on campus social media, connecting drivers with passengers to share costs? What if they developed this into an app over the summer? What if they didn’t go back to Uni but founded their own start-up?

Fast forward from tech start up to tech scale up…

tech and SMEs

..and the same guys are employing a team of 10. In another year, it’ll be 50 and, before they know it, 500. But back when their employees were in the double digits and the c-word (cashflow) was the bane of their lives, they still audaciously invested in video.

Why this investment?

Because this was the medium everyone was engaging with. And they needed people to engage with their brand/mission. But what people? And what was their business’s biggest priority right now? Driving investment? Appealing to new customers? Winning over big clients? Attracting talent?

Therefore, they had to pick one, because they understood how they came across best was when they were direct and personable. So they asked…

How do we gain legitimacy with the core group we need to be connecting with right now? What do they need to see, hear and feel?

And that’s how tech start ups came to lead with video.

Because they never stopped thinking lean and agile. What tech does so well. They didn’t blow their investment on a video that was addressed to everyone and spoke to no one. They didn’t proceed by committee. They didn’t do a video merely to big themselves up. No, they did it to scale.

Hence, only then did they make the right video, and consequently devise a way to get that film in front of the people who could actually make the difference to their business. All part of a focused strategy to propel their business model to the next stage.

In conclusion, SMEs are in a far stronger position to adopt this strategy than big business, which can never be as streamlined as you.

Curveball Nicola

Nicola worked in digital marketing in-house for big-name publishing companies for 20 years (Amazon, Bloomsbury, BCA). She came to work for Curveball Media, after becoming a convert to video, and advises clients on strategy and approach.

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