The story of the EnvEast Animation: how to tell a story

We’re exceptionally lucky people because, like us, our clients see how engaging animation can be and we get to think about how to tell a story.


You know exactly what you want to say and then you hire a creative company and everything changes.


The challenge is, how do you say everything you want to say in a mere 90 seconds or less? After all, that’s less than a 200 word script.

You don’t.


The best animations are where the client and creative agency have a strong relationships  – they respect each other. The client knows their subject inside out and the creative agency knows how to craft a story.




Let’s talk about a project we recently completed for EnvEast. Natasha Senior, the lead for the Enveast video at the UEA wanted to tell the story of how business, government and scientists need to work together to tackle the big environmental issues in the world today.

The story also needed to outline what EnvEast is about, how they work and why businesses should get involved.


Natasha was great to work with, because not only was her passion contagious, but she understood the need to simplify and reduce the original script.




The first and most crucial part of developing an animation that is going to push the right buttons is to understand the audience. Is isn’t always straight forward as there may be several audiences.


If you understand fully who you are talking to (most) then you can work out what ‘floats their boat’.


In the nicest possible way, we ‘grilled’ Natasha about the whos, hows and whys and helped to pinpoint the ‘key ingredients’ for the animation.

There’s so much that could go into an animation, but the most effective films are designed to intrigue and excite people enough to want to know more – not try and say everything.

With the foundation complete, we designed visuals that married with the script and created a flowing story.


The script is the cornerstone of any animation. Nail that and the rest falls into place (well not quite, but you know what we mean).


We’re pleased to say the EnvEast animation was very greatly received.

So, rather than us tell you about EnvEast – let’s show you instead.

EnvEast Explainer Video

EnvEast Explainer Video

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