Animated Business Video for TLJ Connect

TLJ Connect needed an animated business video to explain their new software for hotels. We crafted an animation which shows how TLJ works in practice.

TLJ Connect Animated Business Video Script

Offline or standalone card systems can be a cost effective way of
securing rooms. Although, for large buildings, it can be frustrating
having to visit individual locks to manually retrieve records or
cancel lost cards.

Online card systems on the other hand, can be managed from a
central location, without the need to travel around the building.
However, they come with one glaring caveat. Cost. Every door needs
an online lock installed for the system to work.

With that in mind, we have developed a rather innovative system, TLJ

Essentially with TLJ Connect, any changes you make centrally,
such as cancelling cards or updating access times, are sent to
hotspots on public doors instead of each individual lock.

With our system, the cards work as storage devices, downloading
and uploading information every time the hotspot is used. And
because hotspots are located at key access points, such as on
doors that lead to corridors, the central system is updated regularly.

Like online card systems, you’ll have access to all of the
functionality centrally, at a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about how TLJ Connect can work for your business,
book a visit.

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