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This website animated video production and social looks at the computer science course. It covers why someone would want to study computer science and how it can benefit students. Not to mention what computer science actually is…

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UEA Computer Science Website Animated Video Production Script

Computers are everywhere, from rockets to coffee machines
and even glasses.

But now, more than ever, there is a need for highly skilled
Computer Scientists, to not only build hardware but to
develop systems that maximise their potential.

You’ll be taught by experts working at an international
level in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer
Graphics and Computational Biology.

Of course as exciting as this sounds, student feedback is
always a good sign of how good the course really is.

Our degree program is both accredited by the BCS – The
Chartered Institute for IT and validated to align with
your possible future career, putting you a step ahead.

You’ll have a vast array of options open to you, from
Software Engineers to Games Programmers.

To start your journey, click through now.

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