Text Based Animation for UEA

The UEA needed us to create a text based animation for events. We produced this animation for Learning Disability Nursing, shown on large screens, and designed to prompt a conversation.

Text based animation
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UEA Text Based Animation Script

Start your career in Learning Disabilities
Nursing at the University of East Anglia
So where can qualifying as a Learning
Disabilities Nurse take me?

Everywhere! You could work across the whole
Health and Social Care Sector across the UK
and overseas.

You’ll work with children and adults within
a multidisciplinary health team.

In environments ranging from:

Individuals homes, supported living homes,
hospices, general hospitals, forensic and
secure hospitals, schools, and within community
learning disabilities teams.

You will spend half your time within supervised
Practice placement areas.

Gradually building into working with individuals
with physical, psychological or intellectual conditions.

And sometimes complex multiple conditions
requiring holistic care.

You’ll also be trained to support those who present
with significant challenging behaviours.

Who require intensive interaction.

And once you qualify and get your degree, you’ll
have access to continuous professional development
opportunities to enhance your career progression.

You should also know:

Course fees are paid, plus a non means tested
bursary is available for eligible students.

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