Video content and its real potential for online marketing in the long run.


Video content is gaining ground on the written word, and that is only building. If you have the time, check out Sima Ioana post ‘Is the money you are investing in video making a difference?’ She covers some important ground re: SEO, conversion rates, and competition. For those of you short on time, I’ve pulled out some salient points.

We live in the age of video

1.  Industry leaders’ prediction is that online marketing will reach a stage where the written word will slowly lose ground for video. In fact, in a matter of just five years, it’s possible that social media platforms, including titans such as Facebook, will become almost entirely video.

2. Google Loves it. Google owns YouTube, which means that by posting videos on the platform, you can gain the search giant’s attention: SEO. Just by adding a single one on your website, you increase your chances of getting to the highly sought-after first page on Google search 50 times over.

3. Information conveyed in videos is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain. 90% of online users admit that videos are helpful when deciding on the quality of the product and whether or not they want to buy it. Millennials are jumping all over this.

4. In the past two years, marketers have increased the budget invested in digital video programming by 114%.  87% of online marketers already use video content in their strategies.

Why You Should Keep At It

Higher conversion rates
– Visitors tend to stick around for 2 minutes longer on websites that have a video included. – 64% more likely to purchase one of your products.
– Adding one to your email marketing campaign can double click-through rates.
– One short video on your landing page can increase your conversion by as much as 80%.

Predictive data is that the consumer internet traffic will increase from 64% to 80% by 2019. At that point, there will be new lanes to explore concerning online video marketing. There’s no time like the present to learn them, and take into account that your competition is probably already on them.

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