Company culture Video Production for Cambridge based Imagen

Using video production, Cambridge based Imagen approached us to concept and produce a film to show their company culture.

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Shot over two days, the film followed the story of lead employees, making use of both video production and animation. The tone and style of the video was set at the outset, helping us to create a clear vision, and help staff to relax.


We explored a brief with Imagen, which looked at why their employees choose to work at their Cambridge office and also the types of people they want to recruit in the future. We explored how they foster their company culture and maintain it, making sure their team were onboard.


Creating a structure, we wove a narrative for the video production, shaped by the personalities that make Imagen what is it. This made for a natural feeling film, with an underlying message designed to take viewers on a journey.

The film was produced in three phases.
1. Planned interviews with guided questions
2. Planned shots to carry the narrative
3. Adhoc, unplanned shots to bring about a natural pace and feel


In the edit, our team could employ both the planned and unplanned shots to craft a video production in a way that engaged viewers most.


Music and sound effects also played a crucial role in creating a film which had a fun, quirky, yet corporate feel. The film needed to appeal to both potential recruits and customers alike.

Working with high end clients from across the media industry, it was crucial this balance was struck with precision.

Animation sequences

In addition to video production, sequences of animation were used to convey information alongside classic visual cues.


The film was a great success and with their new video production, Cambridge based Imagen could demonstrate their company culture to their teams, stakeholders and customers.

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