Video Production

Video production companies have got a bad name recently. People tend to associate them with boring ‘talking head’ promotional videos. At Curveball, we are uniquely placed to offer both film and animation, bringing a new dimension to corporate video production. Everything we do starts with a strategy.

We get to grips with your brand, audience and what the video needs to achieve. Only then do we guide you through a 6 stage process, ensuring all aspects of promotional video production are covered, signed-off and on-message before we produce the film.

We’ve produced video content for businesses and charities with a huge variety of goals and challenges. If you’re looking for something specific, get in touch and we can discuss the best approach for your needs.


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How we work with you to create a video production that brings you results

Video production can take many forms. The skill in crafting a film and animation is understanding how to create engaging, relevant content that your audience want to watch and share.

Google will reward you for creating content people want to share and your audience are more likely to engage further with your brand. We’ve attracted nearly 25 million views for our clients by creating corporate video productions that are geared to specific audiences and speak their language.

We also help to advertise them through the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn, helping businesses to reach audiences beyond their website traffic.

You’ll find plenty of examples of promotional videos below. Give us a call for a chat and we’d be happy to talk about the types of campaigns that have the highest chance of success for your business. If are interested in how animation can be integrated with film, click on the ‘film with animation’ tab below or if animated infographics are of interest, we’ve covered that too.