Who’s the king of content? Video.

Well, as one of the world’s finest creators of video productions, animated explainers and social ads we would say that wouldn’t we?! But don’t take our word for it; an independent survey of tech B2B buyers says it too. And even though we would love to be making more video for everyone, we would caveat this by saying the format your marketing content takes should be informed by its purpose and how the audience will consume it.

We wouldn’t ever advise making a video just because everyone else is doing it. Video is a powerful medium, but it’s not a panacea and it’s only as good as the idea and strategy behind it. Bad ideas don’t make good videos.

As the survey also reveals, video is just one content format among others that are still very effective. Have a read and find out more about what tech B2B buyers are really looking for from content, and what you could be offering them.

And if one survey isn’t proof enough, here’s another:

This survey shows video is the preferred format for thought-leadership pieces.

“When asked what thought leadership does most effectively, the widest consensus was for its ability to build brand awareness (59%), with many also pointing to its effectiveness in building expert status (49%).”

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