Voice over led text animation for UEA

UEA needed an animated explainer video that could be used across web, social media and at events. A voice over led text animation offered a balance to work cross channel.

Animations are most successful when you are very specific about the goal, audience and placement of the video; preferring one medium over another. This isn’t to say that the animation won’t work across social, web and events. Although, it will likely perform better the more specific you are.

In the case of the UEA, it was designed with a primary purpose of capturing audiences when viewing the course on the website, with a secondary goal of social media. So, we led with the voice over and supplemented with text and used motion graphics to bring the whole piece to life.

Land Rover: the beginning

In trying to explain the ‘why’ in that statement, I usually use an example. Back in the day, Land Rover used to make off-road vehicles. They were very specific about their audience, where it will be used and how it needs to perform. As the years went by, Land Rover’s popularity grew. They became more mainstream and started to expand their presence into the wider consumer market. The challenge became retaining what made the brand so successful – an off-road vehicle. That, and competing against arguably more comfortable and suited cars for everyday driving. So they made the Land Rover a city road vehicle, with (mostly) everything that attracted audiences to them in the first place, but much more suited to what people would actually use it for. And so was born the Land Rover road vehicle.

The transition

What made Land Rover so successful in this transition is they understood their audience’s needs and wants. It was an incredible risk because they changed the way people thought about their brand. ‘Are they good at off-road vehicles or road vehicles?’. ‘Maybe they are lacking in both because they are trying to attract both off-road drivers and those comfort loving city drivers’. The trick here (and the point) is that while, at a glance, Land Rover are targeting both audiences and trying to make their vehicle a one-stop shop, that’s not the case. What Land Rover are known for is a luxury road vehicle. In many ways, the off-road element was relegated to the backseat. This is what audiences wanted and they geared their strategy to meet those needs.

The takeaway

Translating this to an animated video campaign, what you do when you choose to try and speak to multiple audiences, across various channels is water down how the message is received. What you can learn from Land Rover, is how to attract your target audience, at a time and place you want to (e.g. when they’re visiting the website or on social media etc), while being absolutely clear on your strategy.

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