Today is Curveball’s sixth birthday.

Well. Sort of. Technically we are six, but truth be told we were six on the sixth of June.

But when Olly and Dan first got together to start Curveball way back in 2012, Olly was wary of incorporating their fledgling video production company in Norwich on the sixth of June… the sixth day in the sixth month.

We can only guess that he knew one day Curveball would reach its sixth birthday and would then be faced with having to celebrate on the sixth of the sixth in its sixth year.


Dan on the other hand had more of a devil may care attitude and wanted to drown superstition in the dunking lake. Fair play. But Olly’s omen of success won the day and Curveball was officially incorporated on the seventh of the sixth 2012 instead.

Either way, it’s time to wave away the swimming trunks of superstition and shake off the shackles of our self-effacing Britishness and bang our own drum, just a little.

We’re gonna bake a cake and crack open a beer. Hell, we might even break into song. But we will be keeping our lighters in our pockets – this is not a Bon Jovi concert. It’s nowhere near as serious as that.

So, to celebrate, we’ve made something special…

A birthday animation. I know right! Who’d have guessed it? One of the top animation production companies in the UK making an animated video!

It’s got bug-eyed founders in stripy party hats, a dog jumping out of a cupcake (not dressed as Marilyn Monroe sadly), beer and confetti – what’s not to like? OK, that’s a lie, there’s no confetti. We’re on a diet. But we did put in some four-legged dancing spiderbot type things! And who doesn’t want four-legged dancing spiderbots at their party?



If you like it, please feel free to share it. And if you like it that much, print it out and stick it on the wall. No. Seriously. No one prints stuff anymore. 4,000,000* printers went out of business alone in Bristol yesterday. Not to mention the young people of the world are beginning to think that Ctrl P has something to do with bladder control. *That’s clearly not true, but added for dramatic emphasis.

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