It’s all kicking off. The FIFA Women’s World Cup finals. In Grenoble, France, on June 7th at 20:00 to be precise.

And what better way for a video production company to celebrate and show support for our national team (England) than to create an animation! No surprises there. But! Rather than show you the players, the football, the stadiums, Nike’s bright orangey-red boots or angry rants at the ref – all the things you might expect – we thought we’d show you something else instead.

Animated flowers.

Yes. We created animations showing the national flower for England and the national flower for each team we’re playing in Group D: Scotland, Japan and Argentina. Ha! Now, you’re going to know England’s national flower is a rose (although would you know which one?) and Scotland’s is a thistle, but what about Japan and Argentina? Do they even have a national flower?!

Here goes…

England’s National Flower

The Tudor Rose is our national flower, and not your common or garden red rose. It’s not even a real flower either. It’s a symbol made up of a red and white rose, born out of the War of the Roses, between York and Lancaster in the Fifteenth Century. Look closely and you can see the five white petals nestled inside the five red petals on the Three Lions badge on England’s football strip.

Scotland’s National Flower

So the legend goes, a viking invader stood on a thistle and gave his raiding party away to the Scots sleeping nearby, whom were about to be rather rudely raided by said raiders. But, alerted by the thistle-footed Norseman, the Scots beat them off and held the thistle to be their saviour.

We would question why the viking raider was traipsing around bare-footed through the glen in the first place, but who cares! It’s a great story even if it’s not true. Either way, the thistle has been a beautiful emblem for Scotland for at least 500 years. And interestingly, there’s more than one type but no-one seems to know which one is the “one thistle to rule them all”. Is it the Speak, Musk, Melancholy, Our Lady’s or Cotton thistle? Your guess is as good as ours.

Japan’s National Flower

OK. So this one is a false friend, or at best a bit of a grey area. Because officially, there isn’t a national flower for Japan, but many consider it to be the sakura – the cherry blossom – because so many people in Japan love to see it blossom in spring, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Others say it’s the yellow chrysanthemum, but that is actually the flower of the Japanese royal family. Then there’s the three leaves of Hollyhock, but that is the symbol of the Tokugawa Shogunate, which is a symbol of power, not Japan.

Argentina’s National Flower

England’s arch enemies – in the men’s game at least – Argentina’s national flower is the ceibo. Or erythrina cristina galli, if you’re into Latin. The red flower blooms on the erythrina, a South American tree with a crooked trunk, and is native to Argentina (obvs), Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. Two of the four petals are also called wings, and occasionally fold around the flower’s reproductive organs to protect them from har. How considerate! But in spite of it being the national flower, you won’t see it on the (in)famous blue and white football kit. They went for the blazing sun emblem instead.

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