Y is for Yorkshire Terrier

Hi how’s it going? It’s t’PENULTIMATE A-ZOO. Thank t’baby Jesus, I don’t think I could handle much more.

Today we’re having a look at T’Yorkshire Terrier. WOOF WOOF.


T’Yorkshire Terrier is, as you may of guessed (surely you’ve figured out the formula for this a while back), a regular ol’ terrier doggo but infused with t’essence of Yorkshire. 

As a massive hipster, I enjoy hand crafting my own organic Yorkshire Terrier, it’s incredibly easy and t’smugness you get from doing it is unrivalled.  To make a Yorkshire t’errier you must follow these steps

STEP ONE: Get a normal plain terrier. Available in all good Dog DIY shops.

STEP TWO: Convince Sean Bean to give some of his soul to infuse t’pup with the POWER OF YORKSHIRE. (This can be tricky, as Sean Bean has a pretty tight schedule)

STEP THREE: Get t’biggest Yorkshire pudding you can find, and cradle t’dog within.

STEP T’FOUR: Cover t’puppa with t’finest Yorkshire tea and leave to brew for 88 hours.

Once t’88 hour marinating is over, lift t’Yorkshire Terrier out and crown it with a traditional flat cap.

That’s about it me duck. You’ve got yerself God’s own dog.

[Disclaimer, please don’t actually do this, I really REALLY don’t want to go to jail. Animal cruelty is bad.]

  by Jack Purling

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