A-Zoo – Oyster animated gif

We’re well over half way in A-Zoo. Why are you still here? Stop encouraging this, this will only end in tears. Seeing as you’re here, we might as well talk about some sort of creature. This week let’s look at the Oyster animated gif.


Oysters are flat blue plastic squares, used in foggy ol’ London town as currency to ride the metal hole beast. These beasts will take you from Piccadilly Circus to Albert Square in 4 minutes.

Oysters are telepathic, it’s MIND is powerful it can convince any inanimate objects to open at your will, as long it’s a gate to the metal hole beast’s lair.

Crack one open you’ll find inside a gooey mess that people eat for some reason. If you’re lucky you’ll also find precious jewels!

There is a popular saying ‘The world is your oyster’. This is false. Try looking at the oyster at a microscopic level, there is no world, only blue flatness. If you look at the world from space as well, looks nothing like an oyster. Who ever came up with that phrase was clearly off his face..

Coming up next week

Next week: we have a real treat, the Peacock animated gif.


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