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Welcome back to A-Zoo, I’m pleased to announce it’s nearly over. Yes, just 6 more of these and we can all go back to our normal lives, thank goodness.

This week’s animal you could say is a bit of an underdog in the animal kingdom, because it is the Underdog.

Underdogs are little hairy mammals that spend all day UNDERGROUND (hence the name underdog), they’re close relatives of the Updog.


They’re special little diddlers, have you ever tried walking about underground? It’s really hard because there’s dirt in the way, but Underdogs have got special hands that allow them to just shove all that soil out of it’s path. “GIT OUT MA WAY, YA DIRTY OL’ DIRT” It screams as it burrows through the crust of the earth, “I’M GONNA BE LATE FOR MY OPTICIAN APPOINTMENT”

Because these diddlers have tiny peepers they use two hubble telescopes as a pair of glasses, but the weight of one telescope literally crushes the mole….. Uh I mean, Underdog.

The phrase “Everyone roots for the underdog” is often misinterpreted to mean, everyone [roots/supports] the [underdog/the participant who’s so naff, he’s got no chance of winning].

This is false, infact it dates back to an old 18th century tradition where people would pull up roots from the ground, so the mole….. DAMN IT. Underdog can safely travel underground without getting tangled in the roots.

An interesting fact about moles…. URGH NO, UNDERDOG.

OK, Admit it! I’m actually talking about MOLES ok? MOLES. Do you know how many animals begin with the letter U? Like, maybe 7? But they’re all NAFF. Who would want to learn about some silly old Urub or an Uruguay? Forget it!

byJack Purling


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